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Ottawa Valley Kitchens - Designer's Checklist

Following this guideline will help to organize all the information that is needed to plan your project successfully.

Preparing for your new kitchen or bathroom project
The key to a successful kitchen or bath project for your new home or renovation is the design. The most important element of the design is searching for an efficient layout that will suit your lifestyle. Consider the number of people living in the home, what type of entertaining you will plan and of course the type of everyday cooking you would like to enjoy in your new space.

Tips to start

  • Identify problems you want to solve and features you would like to incorporate.
  • Look through magazines, surf the web and visit showrooms to determine your style.
  • Decide which appliances you would like, we are planning around them. Retailers will provide you with a full set of specifications for the appliances that you select, be sure to get the installation instructions which are the most detailed.
  • If you will be using existing appliances provide us with the overall width, height, depth of each unit and clearances required by the manufacturer.
  • Book an appointment with one of our designers at our showroom to work with you on your new design.

Next step
Once you have your design complete and you have placed your order, there are details which need to be confirmed to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved. Make sure that you the homeowner, your General Contractor and all other trades including Ottawa Valley Kitchens are clear on the following items.

Items to be checked

  • Location of windows and doors, existing or proposed new locations.
  • Type and size of trim to be used for windows, doors, baseboard and crown moulding including the thickness of the product.
  • Location of plumbing including possible refrigerator water lines, island sinks etc.
  • Location of electrical for room lights, built in cabinet lights, appliance wiring needs, light switch locations.
  • Gas line location, ventilation requirements.
  • Type of floor to be installed and what the finished thickness will be including sub floors.
  • Ceiling height, determine the finished distance between the new floor and the ceiling checking in at least 3 places in the room . The smallest measurement of the 3 will be used.

After this information has been confirmed, including any other job specific details, a final plan will be drawn by Ottawa Valley Kitchens and then signed by the homeowner to confirm their acceptance of all measurements and specifications that will be used to produce the final product.

This plan is now part of the contract so it is very important to make sure all trades involved with the project have the final drawings to avoid communication problems from older versions. Please do not hesitate to call us to clarify any information on the final plan at any stage. We would much rather solve any discrepancies on paper before the final product is made.

What you need to do to prepare your site

  • If renovating remove old cabinets, prewire, plumb , patch walls and paint.
  • Install new floor and protect it with cardboard of felt paper.
  • Make sure room is empty including removal of appliances to an adjacent room.
  • Clear the access way for our delivery team’s arrival from the driveway right to the room we will be working in. The cabinets are bulky so pictures on the wall are at risk too.
  • Have templates or specs for sinks, faucets, appliances on site for our installers to work with.

The installation

  • Our installers will on average need 2 to 5 days to complete their work and request that no other trades are working in the same room until they are complete.
  • Cutting and creating sawdust is part of the process to fit the cabinets.
  • In some cases after the base cabinets are installed templates will need to be made for the manufacture of the laminate countertops because of complicated layouts, walls out of square, adding extra time to the install (approx 5 days).
  • When granite or solid surface countertops have been purchased templating will be done after the kitchen has been completely installed. The new tops will then be produced and installed in 10-15 business days from the date of templating.

Our staff will do their best to minimise disruptions to your household, but remember that your home will be a construction site during a renovation or a new build . A little bit of planning will make all the difference and reduce the stresses involved with construction.

  • Our staff are required to wear safety footwear at all times as enforced by the WSIB.
  • Please provide a clear driveway and walkway with antislip measures
  • Proper stairs and railings required
  • A clean site will decrease the odds of an accident and in return keep the job running smoothly.
  • Children and pets should be kept away from work area.

Showroom Address

3855 McBean Street
Richmond, ON
K0A 2Z0

t: 613-838-5552
f: 613-838-4928
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Show Room Hours:
Monday & Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 9:00pm
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Saturday: 10am - 3:00pm